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I recommend Sunrise sessions for families with little ones for numerous reasons…and it is primarily due to the time difference my clients (and all tourists) experience when they arrive on Maui to their vacation. Well…maybe not Mom & Dad;–RRB- Mini contacted me with dreams of pastels, neutrals, a few greenery, a lot of lava rock, and some bright sunshine to capture her growing belly, her husband, and their adorable son. Luckily, this place at Sunrise is ideal for all the above!

I always arrive slightly early to my sessions hopes I could be there before my clients so that they have a reference point…but in this circumstance, Mini and her Ohana had arrived! And they’d been there for more than 30 minutes just taking in all the beauty! I mean…can you blame them? Some of my favorite moments from my Sunrise Session for this cute family at one of Maui’s most gorgeous beaches <3

The heavens in these photos are magnificent, am I incorrect? In fact, they were outside magnificent…but just for a brief time. First, let me present Allyson & Eric…

Allyson & Eric are Maui family photographers , Hawaii for their very first time, choosing to bask in sunlight for the best baby moon . And an absolute trooper & ray of sun (more on this shortly…). Eric, her patient, awesomely adventurous and positive husband, stands by her side as one of the luckiest men ever. They are both, in fact, incredibly lucky!

Maternity photography is hands down, my favorite type of photography. Mix it with the ocean & Maui, and you’ve got me hooked for life! The forecast called for partly cloudy skies, sun and 5 miles winds – pretty ideal if you want my opinion! We arrived at our place positive, but Mother Nature decided to surprise us with clouds rolling in deep, deep sprinkles and lots of white wash in the sea. After much debate, laughs, along with an choice to reschedule, we decided to roll to the empty beach and make it our own. And I’m so glad we did…

Together with my state-of-the-art weather reading skills, I knew we’d have some sunshine soon, but not for long. Input Mr. Sun – for about 10 minutes – it was gorgeous! Sprinkles, rainbows, the entire gamut. Then, came a shift in winds, and much more clouds…along with a downpour. Allyson & Eric didn’t bat an eyelash however – they said”the series must continue!” (Gawd I love these two!) . I assured them the sunset would be worth it…and I chased by it together with my life & camera (in water-housing of course)…

A outfit change, soggy sand, more rain and a lot of love later, we made our way into the sea to receive whatever submerged maternity shots we can with all the semi-clear waters. It was only then, the rain stopped, the sun angled perfectly throughout the clouds, and we had been blessed with the most gorgeous conditions & sunset ever. Not likely to toot my own horn…but I kinda knew this could happen – and I am SO glad these two (and their miniature ) held with smiles!

From our Rain & Shine, beach & sea photography session in Makena, Hawaii. One of my favorites and definitely, one for your books!

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